Saturday, March 9, 2013

Take a Look at Chey's Shelves

I've been obsessed with bookshelf tours for years.  Sometimes I'll sit in front of the computer for hours, watching video after video of avid readers showing off their collections.  I've always wanted to make a video myself, but the lighting in my room wouldn't allow a good quality one, so I've decided to take a few pictures of my own collection.  Let's get started!

This is my ARC shelf...except I'm running out of room, so I've begun to store my less attractive ARCs on other random shelves.  Also, as you can see, my books are double stacked, but I was too lazy to show you which ones are behind this layer.  Sorry!  :P

This shelf holds most of my signed hardcovers and favorites!  The signed ones start from In Honor all the way to the right, and favorites / favorite covers are from Lola, to the left and stacked above.  This shelf also holds a Blessed candle, two mugs, and my favorite picture of my grandparents.

More hardcovers and a stack of ARCs that I need to read/review within the next few months...and another awesome mug that currently holds my favorite bookmarks.

Paperbacks!  In the back are a mixture of books I've had for years: adult, classic and YA, as well as a few dictionaries and a thesaurus.  There are also multiple signed books in here, such as Sweet Evil, Possess, Poison Study and The Mediator.

I was super into manga as a kid, but just in case you're wondering, Chobits is my favorite.  This shelf if filled with miscellaneous books, but mostly I needed a place for my manga and those pesky paperbacks that are a few inches longer than average paperbacks.  Oh...and there's another mug.  :P 

My lovely faerie statue, Holly Black, David Levithan, and Sarah Dessen books!

Francesca Lia Block books <3

I keep most of my swag in this Twilight chest.  What doesn't fit in there goes into the shoe box.

This smaller bookcase mostly holds my older-ish books (Of these, I've only read Hex Hall and The Forest of Hands and Teeth...Oops...)

Random mixture of paperbacks and hardcovers.  Behind these lie books such as the Blue Bloods series as well as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series.

Yep, I have a baby Totoro and a big Totoro.  My boyfriend didn't realize that I already had the small one, so he bought me another one that is nearly identical for my birthday last year.  Lol!  I still love them both.

Well, that's it!  There are only two shelves that I didn't include, one of them being my J.K. Rowling/J.R.R. Tolkien/Stephenie Meyer shelf, because it was impossible to take a decent picture of it and you guys know what those books look like anyways, and the other shelf was my "junk" shelf.  It's not nearly half as pretty as my other shelves, but the only books worth mentioning there are Hereafter by Tara Hudson and Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl as well as my Postsecret book.

I hope you enjoyed, because I definitely enjoyed sharing!  

Do you have any bookshelf tours?  I'd love to see!


  1. Wow, you sure have A LOT of books there! Mine is not nearly 1/4 of it :D
    Divergent Gryffindor

  2. Tons of Books! :D I love the blue and black theme of your room :D


  3. I love bookshelf tours! I feel like a peeping Tom, but in the best possible way hahah :)

  4. OMG, so many books :) I love bookshelf tours too... Youtube has consumed many hours of my life watching them haha. Your shelves & books are beautiful... thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. *blink blink*

    How could someone not understand how piles and piles of books is one of the most gorgeous things in the world?! I've been trying to convince my friends of that but they just don't see it. I'll have to show them these pictures. :)

    Thanks for sharing your shelves with us.

  6. This is my first bookshelf tour! You have an awesome collection, thanks for sharing! =D

  7. It's probably a bad sign that I don't think this looks like a lot of books, huh? your collection!

    1. Lol! Well that actually makes me feel better! :P

  8. These pictures are fantastic! Seeing all these books lined up makes me all sorts of happy. And wishing I had more room to do the same. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love your collection! It's always fun to peek into someone else's life for a second... especially if it involves their bookshelves.

  10. What a beautiful collection. I'd be afraid to ever show my collection online, but I love yours.

  11. Hunny that's nothing compared to mine 3 walls from top to bottom of shelves and book cases full of books.
    The only reason why there's 3 walls is coz one wall has a door in it! (damn door)


  12. oh man I would love a bookshelf video tour!! I am planning on making one of our shelves but we are always expecting new books so we say "let's wait until _____ arrives THEN we'll film it" :P

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf