Thursday, January 28, 2016


Years ago, many bloggers retired GFC on their blogs and moved onto new forms of following.  I stuck with it because that's how I personally prefer to follow.  I may follow a good amount of blogs on Bloglovin', through email, or over Twitter, but I like seeing everything on my Blogger homepage.  I've added other forms of following to my blog since, but my highest follower count has always been on Google Friend Connect.

Yesterday I noticed a significant drop in followers (nearly 200) at once, which I've never experienced, even when the blog was inactive for a year and a half.  I wasn't sure if I'd done something wrong to deserve it or if it was just glitching, which has happened before...So I decided to google the problem and came across a blog post that explained what was going on.

If you've noticed a decrease in GFC followers on your own blog, it's because Google is getting rid of all accounts who don't use Google to follow.  Meaning if you used Yahoo, Twitter, etc. to follow through GFC, you will no longer be able to follow your favorite blogs.

This isn't okay with me.  After all these years, why now?  Numbers aren't everything, but it's taken a long time to build a following, and now some of those people won't see my posts.  If you are seeing this, I would like to encourage you to follow in any other way.  There's always Bloglovin', Twitter, Facebook, Instagram... 

If there are any other ways that would be easier for you to follow, please let me know and I can try to make that an option!


  1. I noticed a disconnect with GFC as well, and it does make me sad. I liked it too! I've tried to switch my main "reading" to BlogLovin, but part of me really misses 2010 when GFC was alive and in full swing. haha

  2. I need to get with this century and figure out other ways people can follow me. All I have linked is the GFC and bloglovin. I'm sorry google did that to you though. Hopefully you'll be able to figure out a way to get their attention and get them all to come back.

  3. If I remember correctly, I think that they told us the GFC was going away and thus the move elsewhere by so many blogs. That sucks that they are kicking people. I use both GFC and Bloglovin :)

  4. Wow I had no idea. Off to check money out.