Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Enchantment by Nikki Jefford

Title: Enchantment (Spellbound #3)
Author: Nikki Jefford
Publisher: Caffeinated Books
Age Group: Young Adult
Category: Paranormal Romance
Release date: April 5th, 2013
Pages: 269 (eGalley)
Rating: 5 out of 5
Source: Author
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Barcelona. Summer escape. Or so Graylee Perez thought until her old adversary, Adrian Montez, brings his magic show to Spain. 

Gray seeks out a Spanish wizard to help banish Adrian from her life once and for all. Instead, she tumbles headfirst into a love spell with the arrogant warlock. 

After Gray follows Adrian to Paris, she must face her true feelings and decide if Adrian’s worth fighting for.  

When Gray chose to spend her summer in Europe, she didn't think that she'd run into anyone she knew from her life back home.  It was supposed to be a new start.  Unfortunately, she comes face-to-face with an old nemesis who just won't leave her alone.  Things get sticky when she tries to banish him from her life, but ends up falling head-over-heels for him instead.  Will she be able to walk away from her feelings, or will she give in and allow herself to have the love she's been longing for?

If you've read my reviews of the previous books in the series, Entangled and Duplicity, you'd know that I was completely blown away by the story.  Of course, when I was approached to review the final book, I didn't hesitate.  I wanted to see where each of the characters would end up!  Gray has left home in order to attend a school in Barcelona where she is prohibited to use her powers.  After all, magic has done nothing good for her.  This installment seemed to be the perfect way to end such an amazing story with so many surprises.

Honestly, I wasn't sure about Adrian when we first met him, but that quickly changed once he was reintroduced in Enchantment.  We got to see a whole new side of him, even getting a glimpse into his heartbreaking past.  That little bit of information definitely changed the feelings that I originally had about his character.  In fact, the more I saw of him, the more I hoped that he and Gray would end up together.  That being said, the romance was done perfectly, and I know that I'll be rereading this book just for that.

Overall, the author did an incredible job wrapping up the series I've grown to love.  The story was full of twists, excitement, familiar faces and even a few new ones.  The setting couldn't have been more perfect, and each way that Nikki describes Barcelona and Paris makes me want to pack my bags immediately.  I will be sad to see this story end, but I find comfort in knowing that this isn't the last time that I will be able to read about these characters.

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