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Enchantment Blog Tour: Guest Post & Giveaway

 Nikki Jefford's Spellbound trilogy is all about magic, betrayal, danger and mystery mixed with the perfect amount of romance and excitement.  When Enchantment- the third and final book in the series- was nearing its release, Nikki contacted me once again to be a part of her blog tour!  How could I say no?  I love this author and her way with words, so today I'm going to share a guest post, a short excerpt and a giveaway!

Guest Post
Take a Trip to Paris Without Leaving Home
Nikki’s Book, Movie & Music Recommendations

Paris Hangover by Kirsten Lobe
A touch trashy, but so much fun! This book made me feel like a sexy young single-woman living in the city of light, getting into mischief.

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo
(Gray and Adrian visit Notre-Dame in Enchantment and make a reference to this book.) 

French Lessons: A Memoir by Alice Kaplan
 (not set in Paris, but an engaging memoir for anyone who loves the language, country, and people – that would be me!) 

(Couldn’t resist. There is a French and Spain section. Many of the French and Italian recipes have received my French husband’s stamp of approval. It’s all in the sauce!)

One of my favorite films of all-time! If you haven’t seen it you must. Right now! 

Another favorite. This is one I watch over and over because the musical dance scenes lift me up where I belong. 

Hilarious! It doesn’t get any more real than this if you want a taste of French social culture. If you think “Meet the Parents” is a hoot, try being an American meeting your French partner’s family. I have personal experience in this department! All I can say is that the French have no boundaries when it comes to nudity and sex. This film so nailed it!

This is one of those songs I can listen to over and over again (for 10 years now) and never get tired of. I cue it up on my iPod when I’m speed walking, doing dishes, or just need a pick-me-up. 

Come on! This song is fun, fun, fun! (That’s triple fun!)

Thank you for sharing, Nikki!  I just adore Paris and hope to visit some day!  Amelie and Moulin Rouge also happen to be two of my favorite movies!


The space inside the club was tight, and the girls molded themselves against Adrian at once.
He was drowning in halter tops, high heels, and skin—soft, feminine skin. Three beauties shimmied, shaking all up and down his body. Nothing mattered at the moment. And then he saw those eyes—like a beacon through the fog.

Graylee Perez.

And she looked pissed. She always looked pissed when she looked at him.
She stood with her back to the wall, her friends moving toward the bar. Adrian thought to wink at her before she took off after her group, but Gray held her ground and did not take her eyes off him for a second.
The moment Cami turned her back to Adrian and thrust her ass against him, Gray charged into the crowd. Adrian’s grin widened. 

Gray stormed up to the cluster he’d melted into and snapped her fingers three times. The women around him cried out when their clothing turned to men’s trousers and T-shirts.

Laughter erupted a few feet away when three young men ended up in halter tops and miniskirts. The women scattered like fireworks exploding right before they faded into the night sky.

Gray stormed up to him. Adrian was too far gone to care. He chuckled as though amused by her show. He may have even clapped. “I’m surprised you didn’t put them in straitjackets.”

Gray seemed to relax a fraction. She smiled slightly. “Yeah, well, I only have a fifty-foot radius to go on so . . .” She shrugged.

“I’m surprised you didn’t put me in one,” Adrian said. He winked at her and flashed her a smile that would surely get him slapped. He’d welcome it. Not like he’d feel it anyway. He was flying high on club potion.
Gray stepped so close he could smell her shampoo—guava or coconut, something tropical. “I bet you’d like that,” Gray said into his ear. “Being all tied up and at my mercy.” She walked her fingers up his arm to his shoulder and tugged gently on his earlobe. She pulled her fingers back and whispered so close to his eardrum, he could feel her lips on him. “Or would you like it better if I were tied up?”

That’s when he knew she was a glamour and a damn good one. Not only were the looks and voice right on, she even made the standard Graylee expressions.  He didn’t care. Adrian crushed her against him and locked her into a lip-bruising kiss. He made love to her mouth. It was the only chance he’d get, and he was taking it.


The first giveaway is all about Paris!  You can win a notebook, luggage tags & postcards!

In the second giveaway, you can win a Spellbound journal!
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The third giveaway is for those who purchase Enchantment!

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For those of you who have yet to start the first book in the series, you're in luck!  Entangled is now free for download at these following links:

Expect to see my review of Enchantment live on the blog within the next few hours!  I was totally blown away and very sad to see this series end!

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