Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter (Vol. 1: Transfusion) by Nikki Jefford

Title: Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter
Author: Nikki Jefford
Publisher: Self published
Age Group: New Adult
Category: Paranormal
Release date: December 9th, 2012
Pages: 242 (ebook)
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: Author
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If there is one thing eighteen-year-old Aurora Sky wants, it’s to get off the iceberg she calls home. Being kissed before she graduates wouldn’t hurt either. 

Then a near-fatal car wreck changes everything. Government agents step in and save Aurora’s life in exchange for her services as a vampire hunter. In Alaska. Basically she’s a glorified chew toy. All thanks to her rare blood type, which sends a vampire into temporary paralysis right before she has to finish the job… by hand. 

Now Aurora’s only friends are groupies of the undead and the only boy she can think about may very well be a vampire. And if he’s a vampire, will she be forced to kill him?

When Aurora wakes up after a near-death experience, she finds herself face-to-face with the dead.  Vampires to be exact.  Before the accident, her life was mostly normal.  Now there are secrets that the government are keeping from the public, and Aurora has been thrown into the fire.  The transfusion that she was given is toxic to vampires, but having that blood inside her is also keeping her from the life she wanted to live.

Aurora is a great main character.  I always admire the badass Buffy types, and that is exactly what she's on her way to becoming.  Every heroine has to start somewhere, and I have a feeling that there is so much more awesomeness to come from this series.  She's confused at first.  Of course she doesn't want to be a vampire hunter.  It's not normal, and every teenager just wants to fit in.  It seems as though she's losing everything at once, but in the long run, she's gaining a lot more than she could have ever imagined.

Another favorite character of mine is Fane, who is the typical dark and mysterious love interest with a big heart.  When Aurora discovers who he really is, she might have to evaluate their relationship.  Getting to know the characters was just one of my favorite things about this book.  The author also does an amazing job with the pacing of the story, throwing in excitement, danger and sexiness in just the right places.

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter a fresh story filled with scenes that will make your heart race.  Nikki Jefford's writing makes it difficult to put the book down.  There were some predictable parts, but overall, I was surprised with how much I truly enjoyed it.  The ending definitely left me salivating for more.


  1. I've never heard of this one but it sounds like it's my type of read! I can't wait to read it.
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  2. Haven't heard of this one, but love the sound of it! I'm a sucker for Buffy-types, and have added this one to my wishlist! Thanks for the heads up!

    My Saturday Situation