Sunday, July 31, 2011

Future Giveaways!

Hey guys!  Here's where I need your help.  I have 6 extra copies of books just sitting here in need of new homes.  I've decided that once I reach 100 lovely followers, I'm going to hold my very first giveaway.  Would any of you be interested in them?  If you'd like, you can spread the word or you can just wait for me to gain the followers I need, which may take a little longer.

I do need your help with choosing which one to giveaway first, though.  Please leave a comment telling me which one you'd want most!


  1. Banished or The Splendor Falls. I haven't heard of either one! Best of luck getting to 100 followers super quick :)

  2. I don't know. If you pick just one some people might not enter because they have it, so you could always let the winner choose. Have all six books as an option for the winner, and the next giveaway they pick out of five of them. :)

    If I had to choose though, I'd go with The Truth About Forever, I've been wanting to read that one. ;)

    Good luck getting to 100 followers, you're over halfway there. :)