Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teaser Tuesdays: Killer

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. 

Man, have I been slacking on reading.  The last book I've finished was Thirteen Reasons Why and I LOVED it.  There should be a review of it soon.  It's definitely a new favorite.
Now, this week I had a rather difficult time choosing what book to read next.  I posted a poll on the side of my blog (which didn't help because no one voted) and decided that I was feeling in a Pretty Little Liars mood.  Some serious business happened in the last one so I was eager to see what things we'll dig up in the 6th book, Killer by Sara Shepard.

It's been a while since I've posted a Teaser Tuesday, so let me refresh your memory.  I post not one, but two teasers.  I'm a rule-breaker.  A bad girl.  Okay, okay, I'm not...but I think two teasers are more fun.

Teaser one is from page 196
"Hanna ran up to the Ali shrine, which was still assembled at the curb.  A few of the candles had been replaced, and one was lit, dancing in the wind.  There are a few hand-lettered sings on poster board that said things like 'WE'LL FIND HIM, ALI'."

and teaser two comes from page 309
"Spencer's vision narrowed.  She thought about the figure in the woods last night, scrambling for
something in the dirt.  Maybe there was something out there, some kind of proof."

I really recommend this series if you like being kept on your toes.  Most people are afraid that because they like the show they may not like the books, but honestly, the books are like a completely different- but captivating- story.

Thanks for stopping by!  Leave the links to your Teaser Tuesdays in the comments so I can swing by.  If you want, please go vote on the poll on the right side of my blog in order to help me choose what to read next.


  1. The teaser sounds like this could be a suspenseful book.
    My TT: http://www.rundpinne.com/2011/07/teaser-tuesdays-something-for-nothing.html

  2. ohh interesting. The second one is more interesting - what proof?

    mine: http://storytreasury.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/teaser-tuesday-cambridge-companion-to-science-fiction/

  3. I really should finish this series. I have only read the first book, but I really liked it.

    Reading Lark's Teaser

  4. Great teaser! I'm not a big chick lit fan, but this series looks really interesting! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my teaser tuesday as well!

    ♥ Sarah

  5. Honestly I haven't read any of this series or seen the TV show, but I hear all sorts of good things from people so I know I should check them out soon! Great teasers!