Sunday, June 3, 2018

What I've Been Watching: Thirteen Reasons Why

(No Spoilers)

Season 2 of the controversial Netflix show, Thirteen Reasons Why, released just a couple weeks ago.  With the way that Season 1 got me hooked, I knew that I had to continue watching, just to see where they could possibly go from there.  The thing about season one, if you haven't seen it, is that it covered what happened (and then some) in the book, written by Jay Asher.  Season 2 is a completely new story to all viewers, so that's partially what reeled me in so fast.

One thing you will notice going into this season is that each episode holds a message from the cast regarding reaching out for help, making sure to leave the suicide hotline, and urging younger viewers to watch with a parent or guardian.  This season goes into more about the characters, or the "reasons" Hannah died.  In season 1, we heard her side of the story, but season 2 is all about the secrets she kept and the court battle between Hannah's parents and the school.

I may be the only one, but I was feeling some serious Pretty Little Liar vibes this season, because it had a lot to do with trying to find out the secrets of a dead girl.  The producers really took the viewers on a journey this time around.  While we've already gotten to see the aftermath of losing Hannah, delving deeper into each characters feelings and them trying to heal is an important part of this story.  I do have to say, there were scenes where it felt that the creators were reaching for that shock-factor.  I can certainly empathize, and I know there are teenagers going through many experiences similar to these every day, but there were certain things that I didn't feel necessary to include in the development of certain characters.

Overall, yes, I still consider this show among one of my current favorites!  It's edgy and pulls you in from the very start.  I like that they're not afraid to discuss and portray real issues.  If you like drama and mystery, this is definitely going to be a show for you.

Have you watched both seasons yet?  
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  1. I definitely get what you're saying about the shock factor. Some things definitely didn't seem necessary. Overall, I did enjoy this season more than last season. It really captured my attention and I binged it all within a few days.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. I quite enjoyed it too, although I'm not sure which season I liked more. This one seemed more dramatic than the first did. I'm hearing a lot of mixed reviews about it, so it's interesting to hear differing opinions!