Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Where Have I Been?

You may have noticed my two month absence, and I would like to explain where I've been and why blogging hasn't been my main focus.

To simplify the answer, I've just been living my life.

There's so much to do, so I haven't had as much time as I would normally like to focus on reading and writing reviews.  I've also been pretty bad at following book news and other blogs, although two months isn't the farthest I've fallen behind.  Lately I've been picking up new books that I've been anticipating for months, only to read a few pages or chapters and put it down, never to be opened again (just kidding, I'll definitely get around to them, I just need to be in the mood to read).

I feel like I can't dive into another world at the moment because I'm so busy getting lost in my own.  It feels great to open myself up to new things.  Over the past few months, I've started rock climbing, going on hikes, riding bikes, traveling, and more!

My boyfriend's birthday was at the beginning of April, so we did something I've never done before: we went on a road trip.  It was always a dream of mine, especially after reading so many stories about road trips in the past.  The entire trip was spontaneous, which is unusual for me, seeing as I like to plan before I do anything.  Seriously...we didn't even know where we were going until the day before we left!  We drove about 15 hours south and ended up in New Orleans, Louisiana, the one city in the United States that I couldn't die without experiencing.  My boyfriend was in it for the journey, not the destination, but he fell in love with the city as soon as we got there.

From cafe au lait and beignets to cemetery tours and pouring rain, I couldn't have asked for a better trip...unless I could have asked for it to last longer.  Seriously, can I just live in a haunted house in the French Quarter?

Then, as if that wasn't enough excitement for the month, Felicia Day came to Milwaukee for a book signing this past Monday.  Being a huge fan of Supernatural (and Buffy!), I knew I had to meet her!  She's even more adorable in person, and I got her to sign my Charlie Pop figure, as well as her book, You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost).

I've also been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf with the time that I would usually spend reading.  Did you know how easy it is to get obsessed with that game?!  If you play and want to be friends, definitely let me know.

So...that's that.  I'm currently in the middle of reading Wink Poppy Midnight, which I hope to finish soon, so I can review it and bring my blog back up to date.  

Thanks for sticking around...I'd love to hear what you've been reading or doing since I've been gone!

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