Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Okay, this isn't an actual meme, but last night I went through some of the short, half-finished / barely-started stories I've kept around (I never finish them).
I pulled out some of the lines I liked and felt as though I should share them here.
After all, this is my book blog and you folks like to read and write as well.  ^_^
I'll just get to it!  That's what you're here for, right?  Oh, no?  You just like me?
Awww. <3

1) "The sky was swollen after a night of crying and Katja knew that feeling all too well.  Sitting at the edge of her bed, she let the cold tremble up her body, washing over her skin."

2) "Her cherry red hair curled over her collarbones, reaching around her small frame like growing vines.  Soon, she was completely naked, examining herself as if it were a morning ritual."

3) "Moths, like the ones being attracted to the lights perched outside of the old venue attacked the insides of her stomach, rapidly flapping at her organs, making her feel as if she were about to burst."

4) "She felt like a broken branch in the dead of winter, unable to handle all the weight of the snow and ice piling on top of her.  Unable to support it, she cracks and falls to the ground lifelessly.  James touched the small of her back delicately and Eli leaned in to whisper, 'you had sex, didn’t you?'"

5) "The family cat made her way to Emily, the tuft of fur between her fragile shoulder blades swaying with each step.   As a greeting, her paws wrapped around the girl’s ankle after she plopped  down next to her, licking Emily’s sweet skin with her sandpaper tongue.  In return, Emily reached down to pet the old cat’s stomach while she purred in gratitude."

6) "Sarah’s mom, Eileen looked almost identical to Sarah’s favorite author.  She was slender with crescent moon shaped hips and long auburn hair she kept in a messy bun at the nape of her neck.  Her cheekbones were high and well defined like a Native American’s."

7) "As a child, Cherry believed that anything was possible.  It was part of the naiveté you’re born with.  While she grew older, she wished to stay a blissful young girl.  The world wouldn’t allow it."

8) "Micah was of a different species, she kept telling herself.  Unlike any other person she’s met before.  When they first met a year or so ago, she was almost positive he was gay.  He wouldn’t have noticed her if it weren't for the flowers."

9) "She caught her breath and curled her arms around his thin waist, feeling his abs hard against her body, the scent of his cologne wrapping around her like her favorite blanket."

10) "Small wisps of her long, dark brown hair blew with the wind, dancing around her head.  Once she considered shaving it all off before she realized how out of the ordinary she’d look.  She liked to blend in as much as she could, even if it seemed impossible at times.  Kaitlyn was always somewhat of a shy girl.  She liked her art, her music, and her cat.  That was that."

11) "The summer breeze was barely enough to end the disgusting humid weather.  Hannah stripped more than half of her clothes off and lay against the cool tiles on her kitchen floor, breathing heavily.  Her long blond hair was tied up with a red ribbon and beads of sweat rolled down her neck.  Her body was on fire.  She squinted; the sunlight beaming in through the window burned her flesh, creating an invisible wound the size of a dime."

Alright, those are all the ones I have today.
Perhaps if I find more that I enjoy, I'll post them in the future.
Thanks for reading and I hope you come back!  :)

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