Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm sorry, but- photography rant-

So, this barely has anything to do with books, but I hate it- HATE it- when people lie about a picture that's not theirs.  Taking someone else's photography and using it as your own is wrong.  I dealt with this for the first time when I was about 14- someone was using my work for the cover of their book without my permission.  When you take a photograph, it is under your copyright.  Sure, it's flattering, but it really gets under my skin- especially when I see all the comments such as, "Wow!  This looks incredible, what did you do to create this?".  From now on I plan to call out anyone who does not list a source or credit someone else.

The main thing that irked me was that I recently entered a photography contest to win two signed books.  It would be wonderful to actually win this contest (that way I could keep one and use the other for a giveaway), but I know I'm not going to.  You know why?  There have been some entries that appear to be too good to be true for your regular amateur photographer.  Once Googling the description of some of the pictures, it turns out some are- in fact- too good to be true.  Stolen, once again.  I'm extremely disappointed, especially for those who bother to try to prove me wrong when I know I'm right.  The real creators deserve to win that contest- not those who try to be them.

If you were wondering what my picture looked like, here it is.
Ooh, it seems to go with my background quite nicely!
Is it good enough to win?
I thought so at first, but now I'm really afraid that the right person- if not me, any other person that posted their OWN photography- will be overlooked and the wrong person will be awarded for their dishonesty.

If any of you lovelies actually read this post, I thank you so much.  This is something that seems to hit me hard every time I see it, especially being a photography student.


  1. You make a very valid point, stealing is wrong and very disrespectful. If someone wants to use someone else work all they have to do is ask and if the answer is no then they should respect the answer.

    Very lovely picture by the way :). I like taking pictures too but I'm just a point and click person, no classes for me :P.

  2. Thank you! I mean, it's one thing if you use a picture on your blog or post it somewhere to show someone, but it's another when you claim the work as your own. The classes really seem to take the fun out of it, so when I go back to school, I may change my major.

  3. First, that's a beautiful picture! You clearly have an eye for photography. I'm sorry to hear that people are taking credit for others' photographs, though. That's very disheartening. Some images are hard to find the original source, but to enter them in a contest as one's own when they're not? That so unethical. It's the same as plagiarism. Just so wrong.

    But good luck in the contest, dear. I hope you win!