Sunday, July 23, 2017

Life Update #1

I've disappeared for a few months, and here's why:

1) My bedroom ceiling collapsed!  I had to pack up all of my belongings and move them out so my room could be completely redone.  The hardest thing I had to do was pack up my books.  I must have 20+ boxes of them!  It's bittersweet, because although starting over again is good, and this is my first time giving my room a makeover since high school, my walls are no longer turquoise.  This kills me because that color was my favorite thing about my room.  I have since purchased a tapestry that I'm hoping will make me feel more at home until I decide where I'm going next.

2) I quit my job and started a new one!  Let's be real, waking up at 4:30AM sucked, but the people I worked with sucked even more.  Although I loved the pay, the tasks, and the feeling of accomplishment, none of that was worth going home crying every day.  I ended up taking a job with one of my best friends, and it's so much closer to my house, the hours are great, and I have a lot of time and freedom, so I'm able to work on my blog more, catch up on my tv shows, and read more books!

3) We had puppies!  Well, Joel's dog had puppies...but I imagine that it's almost as exhausting as having children, because there are 7 of them and they need us ALL the time.  They're the most adorable little creatures, though, and I've definitely fallen in love.

For more puppy pictures, check out my Instagram!

In other news:
I've decided to dye my hair pink and purple!  While I have played with colorful dye in the past as an angsty emo teenager, I've never had the balls to dye my whole head.  Once my manager gave me the okay to (my last 4 jobs wouldn't allow unnatural colors), I jumped at the opportunity, bought a variety of dyes because I had NO idea how I wanted to do my hair, and went crazy.  I love the way it turned out, but it's fading A LOT each week, so I've already redyed it twice.  I'm planning on posting more about it, because I'm planning to keep these fun colors as long as I can!

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