Sunday, July 23, 2017

I'm on Bookstagram!

I've spent so much time on Instagram, and of course, one of my favorite types of accounts to look at are bookstagram accounts!  I've come across many and realized that they're run by bloggers I've been following for years, and there are many more I've discovered through that platform alone.  I've always thought "why don't I try this?", because I went to school for photography, after all, and I've always loved shooting still life.

In May I took the leap and created a separate account for my books.  Like my blog, it's simply called thehollowcupboards.  I started to love setting the pictures up, editing, and figuring out how to caption them.  Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my recent Life Update post, I had to pack up all of my books, so at the moment, I'm very limited to the pictures I'm able to take.  I'm hoping to get back into it very soon, though!  Here are a few of my favorites so far:

Are you a Bookstagrammer?  Leave your username below so I can follow you!

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  1. omg they're beautiful!!! <3 I'm so lazy to take really nice photos of my books, so I'm mainly just posting photos of my currently reading. Though I'll be doing monthly haul photos too, I think it'll be good for me to visualise just how many new books I get per month. Might make me cut down on my book buying! (But probably not.) Added you! @casswordsonpaper

    Cass @ Words on Paper